How To Get Your Marriage Registered At The Time Of Corona

Marriages are essential parts of Indian society. However, marriage ceremonies of India have one quality which might be dangerous in the COVID19 situation. Indian marriages bring together families and friends. The ceremonies could expose people to the possibility of corona virus infection. It is due to this reason some restrictions have been created by the authority. You would have to abide by the law if you want to get married during the pandemic situation.

Importance Social Distancing During Marriage

Due to the outbreak of COVID19, it has become important for everyone to maintain social distancing. This is because the virus gets spread through contact. This is why it has become important to minimize the chance of physical contact. The social distancing rule should be applicable on marriage ceremonies because, you would not know who would come carrying what type of infection. You would be exposed to the risk of getting infected by the virus. Because of this you need to maintain social distancing even during marriage ceremony. 

To Get Your Marriage Registered

To get married during the pandemic situation, you would have to apply to the sub division magistrate’s office. You would have to find the magistrate who resides in your area. 

You and your would-be spouse will have to fill out the form. Signature of both the parties is required on this form. 

It is important that you provide the verification of each document that you are submitting. After the submission a marriage date would get fixed. 

How Many Guests Would Be Allowed

The wedding ceremonies would have to follow the norm of social distancing. For one year, big gathering would not be allowed. To attend a wedding ceremony only fifty people can be invited. The number must not go beyond this. Everyone attending the ceremony would have to sanitize their hands. It would be the responsibility of the organizers to offer sanitizers to everyone attending the wedding ceremony. However, the maximum number of guests may vary state to state. In Punjab, maximum 25 people could attend a wedding ceremony. West Bengal allows 50 people to attend the ceremony. In MP, 50 people would be allowed to join a wedding ceremony. In Bhopal this number gets reduced to 40.

Likewise, every state has its own fixed maximum number. This is why, you are requested to check before creating your guest list. Moreover, it is important to remember that the maximum guest number may vary depending on the situation of the state. 

Also, social distancing norm should be followed in strict manner. People who would attend the ceremony, would have to wear mask and maintain the six feet distance from one another. 

People are requested to either cancel their wedding plans or go for simple functions, keeping in mind the growing infection around the nation.  

COVID19 Weddings Quick Facts

Many have cancelled their wedding plans due to the virus outbreak while many couples are looking for a way around. Some have adhered to the virtual wedding celebration, which is a new discovery. However, keeping the situation in mind it is important to maintain the safety measure rather than going overboard with the celebration.